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This House Rules magnet is the perfect reminder of how you should live your life to maximize your JOY!  It has 10 things to follow so that you will feel more joyful.  Place this magnet somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis to inspire you to live a more joyful life. 




Stay tuned for the next new joyful item!!

New Share Joy items will be released around the 1st of every month so be sure to Sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified when the new items are released.  (Please note that each new box theme released in the Themed Box Collection will only be available until they are Sold Out so be sure to Share them before they are gone!)



"House Rules" Magnet

  • I truly hope that you love this joyful magnet!  If you just don't like it, I would love for you to share it with someone who you think will like it.  The goal of Share Joy, is not only to share joy, but also inspire the recipient to want to Share Joy!  When you Give Joy, you Get Joy! 


    Please email me if you are not happy with your purchase and it did not bring you joy.  I will do whatever I can to make sure that your Share Joy experience is a joyful one!


    If something arrives damaged or broken, please email me so that I can send a replacement item out to you.



  • Share Joy will donate $1.00 to the Jacksonville Humane Society for every item that is shared!  They do so much to help homeless animals become pets.  There are so many ways that you can help, too.  You can volunteer, adopt a new furry friend, donate money, or one of my very favorite ways:  You can shop their Amazon Wishlist. The high in-demand items needed will be quickly sent directly to them!   You can even go shopping for gifts that will benefit the JHS.    As they say on their website:  "Generosity Breeds Joy."  Think of the joy that you will feel knowing that you helped so many animals!

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