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I truly believe in recycling and taking care of our planet.  I hope that as you are opening all of your little wrapped goodies inside your Share Joy box, you will consider reusing things.  When purchasing my supplies, I try to choose those that are recycled or able to be recycled.  Below, I've listed some great ways to recycle some of the wrappings inside the box as well as a couple of ways to reuse the box!  Be creative and send me an email with some of your ideas to recycle or reuse some of the wrappings or the box and maybe I'll add your idea to the website!  There are also lots of great ideas if you search on Pinterest so please recycle and reuse whatever you can to help reduce waste! 

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

You can use the Share Joy box to store your art supplies:  crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Tissue Paper can be reused to wrap another gift or can be used inside a gift bag for extra fluff.

Tissue Paper can be used to make confetti....any celebrations coming up?

The crinkle paper can be used for extra cushioning when mailing out something fragile.

You can use the Share Joy box to organize snacks in your pantry.

Tissue Paper can be used for many different crafts. (Pinterest has so many cool ideas!)

The Share Joy box can be used to package another gift for someone since it's decorative.

You can ball up some tissue paper and stuff it in your shoes to absorb moisture and to help keep their shape.

There are so many great things that we can all do to help Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste!

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