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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Share Joy Located?
What exactly is Share Joy's purpose?

Where is Share Joy located?

Share Joy is located in  sunny
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida...
Out of my home office!

Feel free to email me your comments, questions, or anything joyful that you would like to share:

What  exactly is Share Joy's purpose?

It’s my mission to Share Joy with everyone while inspiring others to do the same.  This website is just that!   Everything on the website is added to promote kindness, positivity, happiness and overall JOY  every time you visit.  You can even purchase joyful creations or collectibles  in my eBay store:

JenKA's Collectibles

How long has Share Joy been around?

How long has Share Joy been around?

Share Joy was started on

September  5, 2020.

I also have a successful eBay store called JenKA's Collectibles and have been selling since 2001.  (You will find a nice selection of Collectibles and unique Share Joy creations.)

Does Share Joy give back or donate?

Does Share Joy
give back or donate?

I am very happy to say that for every Share Joy creation , Share Joy will donate $1.00 to the Jacksonville Humane Society.  They are an amazing organization helping homeless animals become pets!  Please check them out and help if you are moved to do so!

You can also visit the Share Joy page:  Donating
for more great organizations that you can donate to if you are looking for a great cause.

Does Share Joy have a monthly Newsletter?

Share Joy's monthly newsletter was called the Joyful Journal and is packed full of positivity and joy!   The very first issue was October 2020 and the final Issue was October 2023.   You can view all of the  previous newsletters  HERE if you need a dose of JOY!!

Does Share Joy have a monthly Newsletter?

For those of you who saw the pictures of my little sidekick Poquito on the website or on his Instagram, I must sadly say that in February 2022, he  crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him terribly.  He was my best friend for 14 years and unfortunately it was his time to say good-bye.  This website is all about JOY and the amount of joy that Poquito brought us over the years could truly fill up this whole website. 


I absolutely love animals and the house was  too empty without a dog, so  now I have Felix!  He was  rescued from  S.A.F.E Animal Rescue Shelter  in St. Augustine.   I feel very blessed that I get to give another dog a wonderful life and he will also bring me lots of JOY!!

Paw Prints on Our Heart Stone - In Memory of Poquito 2007 - 2022
Who was the little tan & white chihuahua pictured on the website?
I don't see the answer to my question.

Please feel free to email me:
if you have any questions that I haven't answered above or you can't find the answer on the website.

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