$1.00 from every box sold goes to
The Jacksonville Humane

$1.00 from every box sold goes to 

The Jacksonville Humane 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Share Joy located?

Share Joy is located in  sunny
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida...
Out of my home office!

You can call or text me:

Or email:  Jennifer@ShareJoy.us

How long has Share Joy been around?

Share Joy was launched on September  5, 2020.

I have a successful eBay store called JenKA's Collectibles (since 2001), and an Etsy store (also named JenKA's Collectibles - since 2014).
I love sending out nicely packaged, thoughtful items.  I'm very excited to  build Share Joy with the  same positivity and happiness!

Are there religious items in the box?

Yes, you will definitely see a few Bible verses throughout the box. and possibly a inspirational religious item.   God is  a very important part of  my life.  I feel that if I want to truly Share Joy, God must also be included.  If that's something that you are not interested in, please share that religious item with someone who  will appreciate it or may really need it. 

Can I choose what items are in the box?

At this time, specific items cannot be chosen for the boxes.  There will be a new box theme released around the 15th of each month.   For the most part, the items included in each month's  box theme will be the same, aside from a few small differences.  (Each new monthly box theme will will be listed on the website and will be available for  purchase until they are Sold Out.)

Are the boxes customized?

As of now, the boxes are not fully customizable.  There are definitely small differences within each box, so if you answer all of the questions under the  Custom Sign-Up tab, I can customize little preferences whenever available.  For instance, the Welcome Box comes with a  nice personalized bracelet, so always be sure to read the full item descriptions to see all of the information needed to get your special item personalized. 

Does Share Joy
give back or donate?

I am very happy to say that for every box shared, Share Joy will donate $1.00 to the Jacksonville Humane Society.  They are an amazing organization helping homeless animals become pets!  Please check them out and help if you are moved to do so!

You can also visit the page:
for more great organizations that you can donate to if you are looking for a great cause.

I also plan on donating a handful of my boxes every month to businesses or people who could really use some joy!  

How can I get a
free box?

1.  Sign up for an account on the Share Joy website and you will  earn a free box for every 10 boxes that you have Shared!

2.  Keep an eye out for Share Joy events.  At every event , I will do a drawing for a free box.!

 3.  Stay tuned for contests where I will be  sending out a free box to the lucky winner(s)!

4.  Sometimes I just choose people on my email list and send them a free box... Make sure that you are signed up  for Share Joy Emails.

Is this a monthly subscription box?

No, this is not a monthly subscription box, but you do have 3 choices to Share Joy:

1.  You can send one to someone  else 
(Shop "Share Joy Now")

2.  You can send one to yourself 

(Shop "Send Me Joy")

3.  You purchase a large number of boxes at discounted rates!
(Shop "Share Lots of Joy" to see the rates. Please contact Jennifer@ShareJoy.us for an invoice.)


More  details are listed under each choice once you click on it. 

How much is it to Share Joy?


Currently all boxes are the same price:
plus free shipping!

Why should I create an account?

When you create an account, you are able to save your shipping addresses, save your payment information, receive Share Joy emails, plus you can even earn free boxes .  On occasion, I plan to randomly select people who have accounts and send them a free box!  Will that be you? 

What's inside
the box?

I love surprises and I love to surprise people with  interesting things that they would never expect.  Everyone loves to get something fun in the mail instead of just the usual boring bills!  Each box will have from  6 - 8 small items and sometimes even more!  It'll be anything from beautiful prints to inspirational jewelry to  unique items for your home... basically anything uplifting that I think will inspire joy and promote positivity!  I want you to feel joyful and smile as you discover all of the goodies hidden inside. There may even be items in the box that immediately make you think of someone else.  I'd  love for you to pass that item on and share that joy with them!   Keep sharing joy!

What if I don't like something that I get in the box?

My hope in creating these boxes  is that  you will experience an overall feeling of  joy as you unfold each layer and unwrap each little gift inside.  I want it to be more about the  whole experience rather than just the items inside.  The box is not only meant to create joy, but I want to inspire sharing and promote positivity as well.  If there's something that you just don't like, I would love for you to share that item with someone who you think may like it... You might just make their day!   Of course, please feel free to email me if you are just not happy overall.  I want you to feel joyful about Share Joy!

Do you offer expedited shipping?

All boxes are shipped  via First Class Mail through the United  States Postal Service and is included in the cost of the box.  If you need expedited shipping,  please choose the Priority Mail option at check-out for an additional $5.00 for each box  that  will be Shared.  (There is a $10.00 option if you need 2 boxes mailed out via Priority Mail.  Please email me if you have more than 2 boxes that will need expedited shipping.)

We only ship to the United States.

When is my box mailed out?

Typically all boxes will be mailed out within 1 - 2 business days of your purchase.  If there will be any delays, you will be notified.  As far as delivery times, I cannot guarantee a time frame.  If you need faster delivery, please choose the expedited shipping option when you are checking out.

Do you offer discounts if buying multiple boxes?

Please contact me if you want to purchase a large number of boxes for a party, an event or a group.  I do offer bulk rates for multiple boxes purchased.  We can also discuss adding special customizations just for your boxes.  Please see the Share Lots of Joy page on the website to see the bulk rates.

If you are local to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida area, I can arrange  FREE delivery for you.  For other areas, prices will vary depending on location and number of boxes ordered.

Please feel free to email me:  Jennifer@ShareJoy.us
if you have any questions that I haven't answered above or can't find the answer on the website.
Where do you get the items for the boxes?

I get the items from:

* Businesses that I like
* Businesses who I want to promote
* Businesses who are locally owned
* Businesses who do good
*  Businesses who I newly discover.....

...pretty much any positive business with items that promote JOY! 

Let me know if you have something that you'd like me to include in a Share Joy Box.  I love to promote small businesses and will put your contact information inside the box as well!


When do the new box themes come out?

A new box theme will be released every  month, and will be available for sale on the website around the 15th of the month.  Only a set number of boxes will be created for each new theme and will only be available until they're Sold Out.  Sign up to get the Share Joy emails so that you are notified as soon as each new box theme is released for sale on the website.  

Does Share Joy have a monthly Newsletter?

Yes, Share Joy's monthly newsletter, the Joyful Journal is always full of positivity and joy!   Be sure to sign up to get  Share Joy's emails so that you don't miss any newsletters!  You can view all previous newsletters  HERE.