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Check out these lovely reviews from joyful customers!  Email me your review and I'll email you a coupon code to save 20 off your next happy Share Joy item!

Bee Happy Box

Bee Happy Box Photo

~ Paige  T. from Jacksonville, FL


Paige Tyrrell's Review of the Bee Happy Box

Joyful New Year

Joyful New Year Box Photo

"I wanted to send a review on the lovely surprise ‘Share Joy’ birthday box sent to me by Lorie B. It caught me completely off-guard as I was buried in thoughts of recent news. It was such a nice surprise, especially as I have a fondness for lady bugs. From the first I opened the box, it held all these wonderful, upbeat saying, little pieces each filled with joy and positivity. More importantly, it meant so much knowing the feelings behind the giving.


I love the idea of the various boxes; it was fun to watch when Lorie received hers and I felt that same way unwrapping each item packed into the box.


Thank you! What a great idea!"


~ Bev H. from Conway, SC

Lucky & Worry-Free Box

Lucky & Worry-Free Box Photo

"I'm not really a trinkets type of person, so when I saw the share joy concept I thought it was great for a specific niche type person. But, I was recently gifted one and a became very emotional at opening the box and seeing how special each item in the box was, and the care that went into it. You can't really know how special the box is, until you get one. Jennifer is a joy mastermind, and her spirit is so Thoughtful and sweet. Share Joy boxes are certainly a wonderful gift for yourself, for a loved one and especially especially for the person who 'has everything they need' and you are trying to figure out how to get them a really thoughtful and special meaningful gift!"

~ Eva B. from Redding, CA

Surf Like You 

Bee Happy Box

Bee Happy Box Photo

"I just received the Bee happy box and it was the most amazing thing ever. I was so happy with everything in it. It was such a joy and I know I can't keep everything in the box because I don't have a garden where I could use some of the things but I love the fact that I'm able to share this with other people and hopefully bring them joy as much as it brought me. I recommend this to anyone that is needing a little uplifting or just a little more joy in their life. I highly recommend getting one! Jennifer is amazing at what she does and I will definitely be getting another box from her!!"

~ Ciena O. from Jacksonville, FL

Bee Happy Box

Bee Happy Box Photo
Lorie Bush Facebook Review of Bee Happy Box

~ Lorie B. from St. Augustine, FL

Origami Owl

Lucky & Worry-Free Box

Joyful Video Review!

~ Jennifer R. from Jacksonville, FL


Lucky & Worry-Free Box

Lucky & Worry-Free Box Photo

"I could not have been happier to come upon Share Joy!  It was better than what I had been looking for.  I ended up buying a box for a great friend and also one for my daughter.  I got to experience seeing a box opened.  It was beautifully done, with meaning and comes across as such a thoughtful gift.  My friend called me crying. Share Joy truly lives up to its name!"

~ Michelle D. from Jacksonville, FL

Love & Kindness Box

Love & Kindness Box Photo

 "It was like little surprises everywhere. It brought so much joy and happiness to us... We just loved everything!"


~ Ann and Mary K. from Winterhaven, FL

(Etsy Shop:   KelleyKindness)

Snowy Christmas

Snowy Christmas Box Photo

"...we absolutely loved it  (I opened it with the grandbabies)!!  It was SO sweet!!"

~ Monika M. from Spokane, WA

(Etsy Shop:  TheDancingWick)

Love & Kindness Box

Love & Kindness Box Photo

"The Share Joy box I received was so sweet.  The colorful presentation, multitude of items, and thoughtfulness was readily apparent."


~ Jess D. from Atlantic Beach, FL

Spring Has Risen Box Photo
Magical Rainbows Box Photo
Welcome Box Photo

Can't Pick a Favorite!

"I love all my share Joy boxes. I have everyone of them. I get excited when I know one is coming. It would be hard to pick a favorite one. All of them bring Joy to me.

Everyone has so many cute things in them. Love being able to see all the things in them. Looking forward to my next one."

~ Kay M. from St. Petersburg, FL

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