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Giving Back to Great Causes
Jacksonville Humane Society Logo

I am very happy to say that for every joyful Box that is shared, Share Joy will donate $1.00 to the Jacksonville Humane Society!  They do so much to help homeless animals become pets.  There are so many ways that you can help, too.  You can volunteer, adopt a new furry friend, donate money... or one of my very favorite ways:  You can shop their Amazon Wishlist and the high-demand items needed will quickly be sent directly to them!   You can even go shopping for gifts that will benefit the JHS.    As they say on their website:  "Generosity Breeds Joy."  Think of the joy that you will feel knowing that you helped so many animals!

I know that there are so many incredible organizations out there doing good in the world so by all means, if you have a favorite, please continue to give to them!  Giving truly nourishes the soul.  I also want to bring awareness to all of the great organizations below.  They are some of my favorites so if you are looking for a way to give back, check them out.   If there's something that tugs at your heart , please connect with them and send them a donation if you are able to help.

                               Giving to those in need makes for a happy heart!

World Vision Logo

World Vision is an amazing Christian organization that cares for and helps  children all over the world.  You can make a one time donation or regularly sponsor a child who desperately needs help.  You can even purchase chickens or other animals to help entire families and villages to thrive.  There are so many ways to get involved with World Vision that I can't even list them all so you must check out their website!


There is so much that you can do to help BEAM from donating money to volunteering.  They help those who are in need by providing food, financial assistance, school supplies, help with errands, etc. 

Habitat For Humanity Logo

You can donate money to Habitat for Humanity to help people all over the world who need housing.  Or you can even volunteer in your local area to help build a home for someone in need.  How rewarding to be able to lend a hand in building someone's home! 

Chavez For Charity Logo

I absolutely love Chavez for Charity because they sell brightly colored, beautifully made bracelets that benefit issues that the world is facing today.  These stylish bracelets make such a great gift for anyone, plus you'll know that money was donated to help something greater.  You can choose your bracelet based on colors, design style, or by the cause that it benefits...either way, it's a really tough decision because they are all so pretty and there are so many great causes!  

The Best Friends Animal Society  is an amazing organization taking care of animals and striving for a time where there are No More Homeless Pets!  Please check them out and donate money to them if you are moved to do so!

Dog & Cat Snuggling Photo
Our Daily Bread Logo

Our Daily Bread helps people to get in touch with God everyday.  They have so much valuable information available on their website and even send out  daily devotional booklets plus many other educational booklets on any subject that you may need.  They do have some volunteer opportunities and also rely on donations so that they can further the Word of God in this World.  


K-Love is a Christian radio station broadcasting all over the United States...check out their website to find them in your location.  They are wonderful because they don't play commercials!  Only uplifting music and inspirational stories are shared.    They are listener supported so if you love their positivity, prayerfully consider signing up for a monthly gift donation to keep the positivity going!

Sulzbacher Logo

Sulzbacher Center helps homeless men, women, and children get access to food, shelter, jobs, etc...pretty much anything to help the homeless to be able to live better lives!  You can donate money, donate items in need or even help to serve a meal.

You Version Logo - Holy Bible

The You Version Bible app is probably my favorite app in my phone!  It holds me accountable to read God's Word everyday.  There are devotionals that you can read and you can get daily push notifications for the Bible Verse of the day to start your day in the right direction.  They even have great devotionals for children in the You Version Bible app for Kids.  Not only does You Version make the Bible app, they do so much more for the Kingdom of God.    Check out their website to see all of the wonderful things they do!

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