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Joyful JenKA's Collectibles

~~ Welcome to JenKA's Collectibles ~~  "Connecting Collectors & Collectibles!"

Find something for your own collection or a special item for a unique gift. I've always been passionate about's why I started my eBay store! From my very first collectible sold on eBay in 2001 to now, I'm still very excited when one of my collectibles is being reunited with another enthusiastic collector and gets to join a new collection. I'm always looking for new things to list so you never know what you may find in my store. Keep checking back so you won't miss out!

P.S. The name "JenKA's Collectibles" comes from my Full Name:  Jennifer = Jen + Kay is my middle name = K + my last name is Andrew = A...and you get JenKA.  Of course the Collectibles part is because that's what I sell! Good luck finding a special collectible!

JenKA's Collectibles on eBay

Click on the item that you want to view and then click "Go to link" to open it up in eBay.

Grab your favorite item before it's gone!

Plus even more awesome items available on eBay:

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