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About Share Joy

Jennifer Andrew, Owner

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It’s my mission to Share Joy with everyone while inspiring others to
do the same.

I am the owner and creator of Share Joy pictured here with my joyful little buddy Felix.  (Keep an eye out and you might see him sharing joy at one of Share Joy's Events!)  It's my mission to Share Joy with everyone while inspiring others to do the same.  I truly want to share positivity, encouragement, love and joy to ALL.  Since we are all in this world together, we should all try to make it a happier place! 

When you Give Joy, you Get Joy so let's all Share Joy!

One thing that brings me joy is gift-giving.  I just love to find unique items and share them with others so it's just like gift-giving every day that I send out a Share Joy box!  I have been picking out special, personalized gifts for loved ones my entire life, and have always wrapped everything with care and creativity.  Part of the excitement of getting a gift is unwrapping it as you imagine what could be inside.  I want my Share Joy boxes to feel like that.  I want the recipient to experience joy as they unwrap every happy, little item hidden inside!  The items are meant to create the feeling of joy:  inspire, give hope, make someone feel happy and feel appreciated as each layer inside the box is opened.  We have so much “stuff” in our lives that I want to send out a message of positivity and a feeling of joy, and not just focus on material items.

Although Share Joy is fairly new for me, I have been selling online for a very long time.  I've been running my eBay store called JenKA's Collectibles since 2001.  Check out some of the positive reviews from my happy eBay customers.  You'll see that I take great care in:

"Connecting Collectors and Collectibles." 






I can't wait to Share Joy with you, your loved ones, your friends... Everyone!

One of my very favorite Bible Verses:

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"

                                                                                    ~ Philippians 4:4

JenKA's Collectibles eBay Store Logo


God Bless!

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