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Joyful Places

I absolutely must give a shout-out to some of the places that bring me joy! The people who work there are always so helpful and happy that it's such a pleasure to visit them.  Please check them out because they are all full of JOY!

DogBeach Logo

Are you ready to give your dog an exciting day of play or do you need somewhere to board your dog when you go out of town?  DogBeach is a luxury doggie Daycare and Boarding place in Ponte Vedra Beach.  This awesome facility is the best place to take your furry friend for 5-star treatment.  They even have an indoor swimming pool!  Your buddy will have so much fun and will definitely get lots of hugs and kisses from the staff.  I even got a part-time job there to bring even more joy to my life by getting to snuggle all of the dogs...  Dogs always Share Joy!

Slainte Chiropractic Logo

Slainte Chiropractic is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and has amazing Gonstead Chiropractors: Dr. Bridget Edkin and Dr. Vincent Farrar.  If you want to see how you can be your best self, set up an appointment'll definitely change your life!

Beaches Animal Clinic White Pegasus Statue

Beaches Animal Clinic is the very best veterinary clinic that I've discovered for my little buddy!  He's been going there pretty much his whole life.  Everyone there is so nice and all of the doctors are absolutely wonderful.  If you are in need of a vet for your furry little friend(s) and live in the Jacksonville Beach area, you should definitely connect with them! 

Trader Joes Logo

If you've ever been to a Trader Joe's, you know that their employees are noticeably super happy and friendly!  That's very true at the Jacksonville Beach location, so stop by for their excellent customer service and so many delicious food options!

Wild Birds Unlimited Logo

If you love to feed the birds or even the little squirrels like I do, then Wild Birds Unlimited in Jacksonville Beach is somewhere that you need to visit!  Not only do they have plenty of different choices for bird (or squirrel) food, they also sell unique gifts for bird lovers and everyone working there is always so helpful. 

My Squirrel Friend Laying down

My little squirrel friends love their peanuts!

Chewy Logo

This online pet store carries so many essential items for your pets.  They have great prices with super speedy shipping.  What really makes them stand out is their superior customer service.  They quickly answer their emails and also ask questions about your pet just to get to know them better.  They even sent my dog a birthday card and a custom painted portrait as a surprise!

Poquito Photo next to Chewy Hand-Painted Photo
Alhambra Theater Logo

Talk about a first class experience all the way!  If you haven't yet been to one of the Shows at Alhambra Theatre, you absolutely must go!   Not only do you get to see an incredible show, you also get to dine on a gourmet meal including dessert right before the show.  I was completely blown away by their hospitality and customer service! 

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