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$1.00 from every box sold goes to
The Jacksonville Humane

$1.00 from every box sold goes to 

The Jacksonville Humane 


Do you ever want to send a friend or loved one something in the mail just to brighten their day?  Do you feel like you just don’t know what to get someone or really have the time or the know-how to put something meaningful together? 

....Or maybe you are having a bad day... Are you feeling stressed out or sad?  Do you just need something to make you smile and brighten your day? 

No worries, that’s where I come in!  For about the same cost of sending flowers, I will send out a beautifully wrapped box filled with carefully chosen items that will fill the recipient with joy.  This is the perfect gift for anyone because we could all definitely use more joy! My hope is to encourage the recipient to then want to share joy with someone else.

The more you Share Joy, the more you Feel Joy!

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Imagine getting this joyful box in your mailbox!

Check out all of the available box themes and joyful items from Share Joy!  New items will be added every month so make that you are signed up for Share Joy emails to be notified in the monthly Joyful Journal Newsletter!

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In a World where we literally Share everything, we should definitely Share Joy!