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This Mermaid at Heart Shadow Box Trio is a joyful piece of art that can be personalized* for you or your recipient!  With the shimmering waves, fancy mermaid tails, and little added pearls, you will smile every time you see it as you think about having Mermaid adventures in the ocean. Everything is completely hand-painted by me, so none of the trios made will be exactly the same.  These trios make very thoughtful and unique gifts.


Each wooden box measures 5-1/2" tall x 6" across x 1" deep.  The front of the box is plexiglass.  You can either hang them all together on the wall or you can set them on a shelf or a tabletop.  You can even separate the trio and share each shadow box with a different person!  When you surround yourself with things in your home that bring you joy, it's easy to feel more joyful everyday!


For about the same cost as sending flowers, you or your recipient will get this personalized, beautifully wrapped piece of art, along with a few little inspirational surprise goodies chosen by me.  All of these items are meant to create the feeling of JOY as you discover everything inside.  Every Shadow Box Trio also includes a Joy Challenge, so I hope you are ready for a challenge to inspire even more joy!  


Please note that this Mermaid at Heart Trio is available just as it is pictured here.  You can either purchase this exact one or get yours fully personalized.  Please specify which you prefer in the notes at check-out.  If getting a personalized Trio, also be sure to add all of your personalization details as outlined below:  




The mermaid tails, mermaid, coral, and letters are all painted on the outside of the plexiglass giving the artwork a nice 3-D effect.  They will all be painted in the same place as you see pictured.  The shimmering waves are painted as the background inside the wooden frame.  There are even little pearls added on the corners on the plexiglass.  The following items are the things that you can get personalized on this Shadow Box Trio:


~ The Word Choices:  In the "Personalization" Box at check-out, you will put the words or short phrase/quote that you would like painted on each shadow box.  (See below for example of exactly what to type at check-out.**)  Here are a few suggestions of what you could choose:   a positive or encouraging word;  a birthday;  a person's name;  your pet's name;  a wedding date with couple's names;  an anniversary date with names;  Bible Verse;  a graduation date; kid's name;  best friend's names;  a short quote;  or anything that is meaningful to YOU! 


~ The Word/Quote Color:  You can select any color that you like and I'll make it happen!  Please be as specific as you can.  For instance, try to put "Cobalt blue" or "Tiffany light blue" rather than just "blue."  The more specific you are, the closer the color will be to your vision.  You can have all 3 be in the same color or you can specify a certain color for a certain word/quote.  Once again, it's your choice. 


~ Mermaid Tail Color & Bikini Top:  All 3 mermaid tails and the bikini top can be the same color as pictured or you can choose to have them each done in a different color.  Just like the word color choice, please be as specific as you can in your color description so that I can match your vision. 


~ Mermaid Hair Color & Skin Color:  We all have different hair colors and skin colors, so I want to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to have a piece of art customized just for them!  I will do my best to match the colors of your choosing as long as you are able to provide me with good color descriptions.  



** FOR EXAMPLE:  The shadow boxes are in order of left to right as you see displayed in the photos. The personalization notes for this Mermaid at Heart Trio as pictured would be written in the following way:


"Left:  Mermaid at Heart (instead of the word Heart, use a heart-shape)

Middle:  Believe

Right: Just Keep Swimming

All letters:  Dark Pink

All Mermaid Tails & Bikini:  Lavender

Mermaid Hair:  Chocolate Brown

Mermaid Skin Color:  Butter Pecan"


Use that as an example to write your own details.  Once I receive your order, I will send you a draft of what your word choices and color choices will be just to make sure that I fully understand your notes.  Once you get that email, I will need you to send me your approval so that I can begin designing your special piece of art.  Typically it will be ready to be mailed out in 3 - 5 business days.  (This allows for creation and drying time.)  Please be sure to let me know if you need it by a certain date so that I can make that happen for you!  


You can also put additional details about yourself, the recipient, favorite color, the event you are celebrating, etc. to give me an idea of what extra goodies I should include... I will always further personalize Share Joy boxes whenever it's possible!  


Please feel free to email me: if you have any questions about personalization or anything else and of course I will contact you if I have any questions.  I want to make sure that this is a very special piece of art that you or your recipient will treasure forever!  




Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the pretty blue box with the Share Joy rainbow logo on the top!  (The box measures about 9" x 6" x 3" so it should easily fit inside most standard mailboxes.)




Stay tuned for the next new joyful item!!


New Share Joy items will be released randomly throughout the month so be sure to Sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified when the new items are released.  Also follow @ShareJoytoALL on Instagram for newly released items and updates.  



Mermaid at Heart Trio

SKU: SBT-MH072021
  • I truly hope that you love your personalized art trio and that it fills you with joy every time you see it!


    Please email me if you are not happy with your purchase and it did not bring you joy.  I will do whatever I can to make sure that your Share Joy experience is a joyful one!


    If something arrives damaged or broken, please email me so that I can send a replacement item out to you.



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