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This hand-painted Encouraging Word Shadow Box features the word FAITH painted in purple letters with gold dashes.  It is painted on top of the plexiglass. There is a sparkly rhinestone in each corner. The inside background wood is painted a cream and light blue.  There is a large gold cross painted in the middle with a sparkly rhinestone right in the center of it.  There are green swirly vines with leaves painted on each side.  All of the rest of the wood is left its natural color.  On the backside, you will see the hook should you want to hang up your piece of art.  You will also see the Share Joy logo along with my initials (JA).  On the bottom left corner you will see written Hebrews 11:1.  This is the verse:


"Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." 


Place this encouraging shadow box somewhere that you will see it everyday to remind you to live your life with FAITH.   Keep the FAITH that life will just keep getting better and better!   


When you surround yourself with things in your home that bring you joy, it's easy to feel more joyful everyday!


The wooden shadow box measures 4" tall x 6" across x 1" deep.  The front of the box is plexiglass.  You can either hang it up using the hook on the backside or just simply set it on a shelf or tabletop.    


There are a few other little inspirational items tucked inside this box plus every Share Joy Creation also includes a Joy Challenge, so I hope you are ready for a challenge to inspire even more joy!  




Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the pretty blue box with the Share Joy rainbow logo on the top!  (The box measures about 9" x 6" x 3" so it should easily fit inside most standard mailboxes.)




Stay tuned for the next new joyful item!!


New Share Joy items will be released randomly throughout the month so be sure to Sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified when the new items are released.  Also follow @ShareJoytoALL on Instagram for newly released items and updates.  



FAITH - Encouraging Word Shadow Box

  • I truly hope that you love your hand-painted shadow box and that it fills you with joy every time you see it!


    Please email me if you are not happy with your purchase and it did not bring you joy.  I will do whatever I can to make sure that your Share Joy experience is a joyful one!


    If something arrives damaged or broken, please email me so that I can send a replacement item out to you.



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