Box # 4 - Joyful New Year

This is the Joyful New Year Box and is the 4th box theme created by Share Joy.  With this brightly-colored, New Year's theme you'll start 2021 with more joy and new ideas for creating more joy in your year!  Whether you open this box at the beginning of the year or later in the year, you will definitely find lots of things inside that will bring you or your recipient joy.


For about the same cost as sending flowers, you or your recipient can get a box filled with 8 - 10 little joy inspiring items to be treasured forever.  The items inside are meant to create the feeling of joy as each item is unwrapped.  Every box also features a Joy Challenge, so I hope you are ready for a challenge to inspire even more joy!  As you can see, there are a lot of goodies* that are wrapped and hidden in the photo.  This is because I want you to have a little element of surprise as you unwrap and discover everything inside.


Did you know that the ladybug is most associated with bringing luck and joy?  You will definitely find a few ladybugs hidden throughout this box to bring you luck and joy in 2021.


 Also, there is a very special hand-stamped MyIntent bracelet inside this box so please read the  Personalization Section for all of the details on how to get your bracelet personalized with your One Word to live by for 2021.


* Some items may vary in color or style within each box.  No two boxes will be exactly the same.




Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the pretty blue box with the Share Joy rainbow logo on the top!  (The box measures about 9" x 6" x 3" so it should easily fit inside most standard mailboxes.)




Stay tuned for the next box theme!!

New box themes will be released around the 15th every month and only a set number of boxes of each theme will be made.  Sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified when the new theme is released.  Each new box theme will only be available until they are Sold Out so be sure to Share before it's gone!



Box # 4 - Joyful New Year

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  • Box # 4: Joyful New Year - Personalization Details
    Happy New Year!  It’s time for another New Year to begin so that means it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolution.  What if there was a better way to start the New Year?  Every New Year, 87% of adults create new goals and resolutions, only to experience the same frustrating results... 50% of resolutions will fail by the end of January!  Instead of a New Year’s Resolution this year, try to pick One Word to focus on and live by for the entire year.  No goals.  No wish lists.  Just One Word.


    This Joyful New Year Box includes a very special hand-stamped personalized** bracelet.  (Retails for $20.00.) In order to get yours customized, please put your One Word in the Personalization box before you add this item to your cart.  You will get a custom engraved bracelet with your One Word... Wear it everyday as a reminder! You can visit: for even more information.


    If you cannot think of anything or I do not receive a customized word from you, I will use the word: JOY because of course that's what we all need in our lives!


  • Of course I want you to love everything that I picked out for you, but if there's a particular item that you don't like, it is my hope that you will share it with someone who you think will like it.  The goal of these boxes is to inspire the recipient to want to Share Joy, so I hope that you are inspired to do that.  When you Give Joy, you Get Joy!  If for some reason, you are not happy with your purchase and do not want to share the item(s), please contact me.  I truly want you to be happy and want you to Share Joy with confidence!  


    Please contact me if something arrives damaged or broken and I will get you a replacement item.




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