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Joy Every Month

$1.00 from every box sold goes to
The Jacksonville Humane

Would you love to open a box filled with joy every month?  Make sure that you sign up for the Share Joy Email List that way you are notified as soon as each new box theme is released.  An email announcement will be sent out as soon as the new box theme is available for purchase.  There will be a set number of each box theme created and they will be listed for sale until they are sold out.

Every month, around the 15th, the new box theme will be listed on the website!  Don't miss out on the new box filled with all of the happy little items that will fill you with joy. This is the perfect anytime gift because we could all definitely use more joy! I hope to encourage you to want to share more joy with someone else.

The more you Share Joy, the more you Feel Joy!

Check out all of the available box themes from Share Joy! 
There will be a new box theme added every month around the 15th, so be sure to sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified of the new boxes.  Share your favorite box before it's sold out!

In a World where we literally Share everything, we should definitely Share Joy!

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