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Give Joy + Get Joy

 = $7.00 off

$1.00 from every box sold goes to
The Jacksonville Humane

Could you use some joy in your life + know someone who could also use some joy in their life?  .....then you can save $7.00*!

If that sounds familiar right now, then you need to send yourself some joy and also send joy to that someone else who needs it!  I will send out a beautifully wrapped box filled with carefully chosen items that will fill you with joy + I will send out the same box** to the person you choose.  This is the perfect gift to give anyone because we could all definitely use more joy! My hope is to encourage you and the recipient to also want to share joy with someone else.

* Just add 2 Boxes to your cart and enter the Promo Code: GiveGet7 when checking out to get the $7.00 taken of your order.  

** You can also purchase 2 different box themes and still save $7.00 as long as you've entered the Promo Code.

The more you Share Joy, the more you Feel Joy!

Check out all of the available box themes from Share Joy! 
There will be a new box theme added every month around the 15th, so be sure to sign up for Share Joy emails to be notified of the new boxes.  Share your favorite box before it's sold out!

In a World where we literally Share everything, we should definitely Share Joy!

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